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Research Institute of Medical Genetics SB RAMS
10 Nab. Ushaiki, Tomsk 634050, RUSSIA
Приемная директора:
+7 (3822) 51-22-28;

Генетическая клиника
г.Томск, Московский тракт, 3 Регистратура:
+7 (3822) 53-05-37

Fax: +7 (3822) 51-37-44



The Institute Today

Today the Scientific Research Institute of Medical Genetics is one of the leading Russian scientific institutions performing research in the field of medical and human genetics and the only academic institution of this kind beyond the Urals.
The specialized Clinic of Hereditary Diseases of the Institute is the only institution of this kind in Russia.  
The Institute has advanced techniques for fundamental and applied research in genetics and molecular biology.
The Institute takes an active part in innovation activity, in particular, within the framework of “Biotechnology” projects.
The Scientific Research Institute of Medical Genetics has the leading positions in Russia on realization of the Federal Purpose Oriented Scientific Technical Program and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research grants, as well as international grants for scientific research in medicine.
The Institute has strong associate relations and wide scientific contacts with leading scientific centers, universities, and medical institutions both in Russia and abroad.
The structure of the Institute includes:
  • Laboratory of Population Genetics (headed by Professor V.P. Puzyrev, Academician of RAMS),
  • Laboratory of Cytogenetics (headed by I.N. Lebedev, PhD)
  • Laboratory of Evolutionary Genetics (headed by V.A. Stepanov, Doctor of Biological Sciences)
  • Laboratory of Molecular Genetics (headed by A.N. Kucher, Doctor of Biological Sciences)
  • Laboratory of Hereditary Pathology (headed by Professor L.P. Nazarenko, Doctor of Medical Sciences);
  • Research Planning and Information Group (headed by O.A. Makeeva, PhD).
  • Genetic Clinic (Head Doctor A.A. Rudko, MD, PhD): department of hereditary diseases (hospital) (headed by M.N.Filimonova, Doctor of Higher Category); consultative polyclinic department, department of laboratory diagnostics (headed by S.L. Vovk, Higher Category specialist of the laboratory).
  • Buryat branch in Ulan-Ude (headed by E. R. Eremina, PhD).
  • Far-East branch in Vladivostok (headed by E.A.Kochetkova, Doctor of Medical Sciences).
The Institute of Medical Genetics has the highly qualified staff of doctors and personnel. The total number of staff is 172 among who are one Academician of RAMS, three professors, five doctors of science, and 24 candidates of science (PhD), as well as doctors of the highest and first categories. Two doctors are awarded with the honorary title “Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation” and one doctor has the honorary title “Honored Worker of Public Health Care of the Russian Federation.”

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