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Genetic View on the Phenomenon of Combined Diseases in Man

V.P. Puzyrev, M.B. Freidin Genetic View on the Phenomenon of Combined Diseases in Man // Acta Naturae. № 3. 2009.

Abstract In clinical medicine, the phenomenon of polypathy, as a particular object of investigation, was first put forth by French clinicians at the end of the 19th century through the “arthritismus” doctrine. In the first half of the 20th century, German paediatricians singled out “syntropias,” which are combinations of diseases with common pathophysiological mechanisms, and “dystropias,” which are diseases that rarely co-occur in one individual. In the present paper, syntropy / dystropy is defined as a natural generic nonrandom phenomenon with an evolutionary-genetic basis. The genes involved in the development of syntropy are called “syntropic genes,” whereas the genes that co-participate in pathophysiological mechanisms and prevent the co-occurrence of particular phenotypes are called “dystropic genes.” Prospects for studying the genetic basis of this phenomenon are highlighted. The publicly available database HuGEN et can be used in order to identify syntropic genes, as will be shown as examples in an analysis of cardiovascular diseases. Keywords: syntropy, dystropy, syntropic and dystropic genes, genome, phenome, HuGENet.

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